Zeiss S16 MKIII Superspeed Lens Set

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-9.5, 12, 16, 25, and 50mm Focal Lengths
-Ultra fast T1.3 Maximum Aperture
-Intergrated Focus Gears
-80mm Fronts
-Patented T* Coated Optics for Superior Color Reproduction
-Zeiss Fluorescent Green Lens Markings

This Zeiss T1.3 MKII/MKIII Super Speed Prime Lens Set is in EXCELLENT CONDITION, has no glass issues, and has been fully serviced by one of our in-house lens technicians. It is our attention to detail, our technical knowledge and our inventory of hard-to-find parts that makes it possible for Visual Products to offer this vintage prime lens set with our 6 MONTHS PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY.

Zeiss T1.3 Superspeed lenses are legendary in the cinematography world. Whether you are shooting in low light situations, want a shallow depth of field or want their unmistakable cinematic look, Zeiss T1.3 lenses have been the fast, prime lenses of choice for decades for both film and digital shooting.

The MKIII (Mark 3) version of Zeiss Super 16 format Superspeeds was the final version of Super 16 format Superspeed lenses produced by Zeiss. Zeiss ceased production of Superspeed lenses after the MKIII verison. MKIII lenses feature larger lens barrels than the MKI and MKIII versions making them easier to use and handle. Unlike the MKI lenses which lack gears on both their focus and iris barrels, and the MKII versions which only have gears on their focus barrels, these MKIII lenses have integrated gears on their focus and iris barrels. All of the lens fronts on MKIII Zeiss Superspeed lenses are 80mm– eliminating the need for different size reflex prevention rings when using the lenses with a matte box. These MKIII Superspeed lenses also feature larger, easier to read lens engravings and focus scales marked in feet only (MKIII lenses were also produced with focus barrels marked in meters only as well). The “feet only” markings made it possible to make the lens markings larger for easier viewing. The footage markings on MKIII lenses are also engraved sideways on the barrel. This makes the engravings read horizontally when the lenses are mounted on the camera which also makes the markings easier for the focus assistant to read. All of lenses are very similar in length as well which makes for faster lens changes as lens accessories do not require as much reconfiguration after a lens change.


-9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50mm Focal Lengths
-PL Lens Mounts
-80mm Fronts
-Integrated Focus Gears
-NEW Front & Rear Lens Caps
-Custom-Foamed Shipping Case