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If You Don’t See the Item You’re Looking for, Don’t Panic!

When you sell quality used equipment, it doesn’t take long to learn that “the good stuff goes fast”— it’s not unusual for items to sell long before we get the chance to photograph and list them on our website. Having been in business for over 30 years, Visual Products has a worldwide customer base that goes back decades as well as a constantly growing list of new customers who discover us everyday, either through word of mouth or an internet search. Oftentimes an inquiry email or phone call will come in from a customer just as a piece of gear becomes available and the deal happens very quickly. We also keep a database of the equipment inquiries we receive via email and phone so that we can match equipment with buyers. It’s now easier than it has ever been to get on this inside track. Please fill out the following form and tell us about the equipment you’re seeking (single items or multiple items). With any luck, we might already have it or be able to obtain it.

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