CP-16R Super16 Camera Package with HD Tap – Black

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This CP-16R Super16 Camera Package is in GREAT CONDITION (the photos show the actual camera/accessories you will receive). The camera body and magazines has been SERVICED by a VETERAN FILM CAMERA TECHNICIAN and It is backed by our 6 MONTHS PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY.

The package comes equipped with new batteries, a fully-serviced Angenieux 15-150 zoom lens, and Visual Products’ own HD VIDEO ASSIST (the first CP-16 in the world to have one!). This is a very complete, turn-key package – all you need is film and you’re ready to shoot! This is a CP-16R model camera. The “R” designation means that it is a reflex camera. Earlier versions of the CP-16 camera are designated as CP-16A cameras. CP-16A cameras do not provide reflex viewing and can only use zoom lenses that have “dog-leg” viewfinders (and the zoom lens must be in CP lens mount). CP-16A cameras also cannot be converted to the Super 16 format. Not only is this a CP-16R camera that has been converted to Super 16, it has also been upgraded with an Arri PL lens mount opening it up to a world of fantastic cinema lenses.

The Cinema Products CP-16R is a simple, “rugged and reliable” film motion picture camera. CP16R cameras are sync sound cameras (meaning they are silent-running and crystal controlled at 24fps to enable the shooting of scenes with dialogue). The camera can be run at 12, 16, 20, 24 (crystal controlled), 28, 32 and 36 frames per second. This particular CP-16R camera has been properly converted to Super16, so you can take full advantage of the 16mm film negative. The lens mount has been updated to PL Mount, making this camera suitable for use with PL Mount lenses that you may already own. In addition to the camera package, we are also including an Angenieux 15-150mm lens. The Angenieux 15-150 lens is one of the best kept secrets of the 16mm cinematography world. The 15-150mm lens is sharper than the other zoom lenses of its era. It’s small and lightweight and has a great 10 to 1 zoom range. With the filters/holder and lens shade we are including in this package, the purchaser of this camera has everything they need to start experiencing the authentic cinematic look that only film origination can provide– just add the film stock of your choice and start shooting!


- CP16R Super16 Camera Body in PL Mount
- HD Video Tap
- Super16 Ground Glass
- Reflex Viewfinder w/ Eyecup
- Right Handgrip
- Angenieux 15-150mm T3.1 Zoom Lens
- Lens Shade w/ Step-Up Retaining Ring'
- (3) PLC-4A Magazines
- (3) WAV NC-4 20V Onboard Battery (NEW)
- Battery Charger
- (3) Tiffen Professional Series 9 Filters: 85, 85ND3, 85ND6
- Pelican Case
- Fully Serviced