ARRI SRII Camera Package w/ HD Video Tap

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This Arriflex SRII Camera Package is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. If you’re looking for a serviced, ready-to-shoot Super 16 camera package, your search has ended. This Arri SRII camera body and mags have been serviced by one of our in-house camera technicians and the batteries have been re-celled. The package is ready to go — load the mags with film, mount your lens and start experiencing the unmistakable look of Super 16mm cinematography. It is the depth of service work, our technical knowledge and our inventory of hard-to-find parts that makes it possible for Visual Products to offer this camera with 6 MONTHS PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY.

The most popular professional grade 16mm cameras were made by Arri. Their SR line of cameras has been coveted by filmmakers for decades due to their performance and reliability and they continue their reign to this very day. With more SRs on the market than their Aaton counterparts, your best bang-for-your-buck ownership in terms of costs, down time, and parts will always come from an Arri SR.

Film cameras are mechanical marvels. To function properly, they require a level of technical precision that rivals equipment found in the aviation industry. With the recent popularity of S16 film acquisition, we are seeing an increasing number of film cameras being brought out of storage and sold. A camera that has sat idle for years can have many issues that must be addressed before using the camera. The time to find out a camera has issues is not after you have spent money buying it and spent additional money on film stock, processing and transfer. If you want peace of mind when buying a film camera, buy a camera that has been serviced and comes with a warranty.


Yes, you read that correctly– this Arri SRII comes with a High Definition Video Assist. We designed and installed an internal HD color video assist in this SRII camera. This is the first of its kind offered for sale in an ARRI SRII camera. The SDI output of this video assist camera provides a full screen, color image on today’s modern HD monitors, eliminating the need for digital converter boxes not to mention providing a much sharper image than a converted standard def image. The onscreen image of our Hyper Tap HD video assist is virtually flicker-free and has only a faint roll bar visible when the SR camera is rolling. No more searching for an old standard def on-board monitor or staring at a fuzzy standard def image that only partially fills an HD monitor.

This SRII S16 camera package also comes with a Tobin Speed Control that enables the user to run the camera at any speed from 1-75 frames per second with crystal precision. The camera is shown with a Zeiss 12-120mm S16 zoom lens and an Arri MMB-1 matte box. While these items are not included in the camera package, they are available for purchase. Please see our other listings for the Zeiss 12-120mm Zoom Lens and the Arri MMB-1 Matte Box. Contact us for package pricing.


- ARRI SRII Super 16 Camera Body with PL Lens Mount
- (2) 400-Foot Magazines
- Visual Products Color HD Video Assist with Power Cable
- HD Tap On Screen Menu Dongle
- Cinematography Electronics Built-In Speed Control
- S16 Groundglass
- Arri Extension Viewfinder
- Set 15mm Lightweight Lens Rods
- Right Handgrip
- 11-Pin Fisher Y-Box
- (2) Onboard Batteries (re-celled)
- (2) Electronic Smart Battery Charger
- Arri SR2 Manual
- Custom-fitted Shipping Case