ARRI Arricam Lite (LT) 3-Perf Camera Package







This ARRI Arricam LT 3-Perf Camera Package is in EXCELLENT CONDITION & is ready for work on your next short or feature. This a VERY COMPLETE Arricam LT camera package with multiple ground glass options for different aspect ratios, along with the highly-sought after 3-Perf Movement to take full advantage of the 35mm film negative while SAVING 25% ON FILM STOCK COSTS! With plenty of film magazines included, just grab your favorite PL mount lens & start shooting!

The Arricam Lite (LT) is the compact, lightweight sibling to Arricam Studio (ST). Both cameras represent the pinnacle of analog 35mm sync sound cameras developed with dependable Arri precision and reliability. This line of Arri cameras is equipped with features such as: an electronic mirror shutter, the best and brightest optical viewfinders, a 5-link movement for optimum image steadiness, and modular accessories to meet your unique shooting needs.

Arricam LT Package Includes:

- Arricam LT Camera Body
- 3-Perf Movement
- IndieAssist LT
- Arricam LT Eyepiece
- Eyepiece Heated Eyecup
- Arricam ST Anamorphic Finder Extension
- Arricam Finderblock
- 3 Perf 1.85 Ground Glass
- 1.78 Ground Glass
- 3 Perf 1.33 Ground Glass
- 4 Perf 2.40 Ground Glass
- 3 Perf 2.40 Ground Glass
- 4 Perf 2.40/1.85 Ground Glass
- Arricam LT Frame Glow Mask
- 2.35 Glow Mask
- (2) Arricam 1000 Foot Magazine
- (2) Arricam 400 Foot Magazine
- (5) Arricam 400 Foot Steadimags
- Arricam ST Speed Control Box
- Arri Bridgeplate 5
- 15mm Threaded Metal Rods (7.5")
- 19mm Metal Rods (1')
- 19mm Metal Rods (9")
- Arricam LT Throat
- Arricam LT Carry Handle
- Elokuvakonepaja LT IA Cage
- Elokuvakonepaja Super Slim Side Plate
- Elokuvakonepaja Different Style Side Bracket
- Elokuvakonepaja Top Handle
- 19mm Metal Rods (8")
- 19mm Metal Rods (14")
- Arricam Power Bridge Plate
- WICAM Power Box Mini
- Elokuvakonepaja Universal Power Adapter Mini - 24V Kit
- 3-Pin to 2pin+2pin+3pin Distribution Box
- 3pin Fischer Y Cable 2x 3pin Fischer
- 3pin Fischer to 3 Pin Fischer Cable
- 2pin Lemo to 3Pin XLR (Female)
- 16pin to 12pin Cable
- Power Cable (2 Pin Fischer to 3 Pin XLR)
- Osha Cable
- CRD Large Pouch
- Mag Throat Covers
- Cover LT IVS Bottom
- Cover Camerabody LT/ST Top
- Cover LT Left Viewfinder
- Cover LT Frame Glow
- Jason Cases Pelican Case w/ Custom Foam Cutout