Arri ALEXA XT Plus Camera Package







This Arri ALEXA XT Plus Camera Package is in VERY GOOD CONDITION and has been tested for proper operation. ALEXA XT Plus camera body shows typical wear from normal operating use & comes installed with the ALEXA Xtreme License bundle (see photos). Features of the ALEXA XT Plus include an upgraded XR Module (Extended Recording) for ARRIRAW recording, a 4:3 Sensor based on the Super 35mm film frame for optimal anamorphic shooting in Open Gate sensor mode, Highspeed Mode for recording up to 120 fps & a PL Mount with an integrated Lens Data System (LDS) for metadate collection from LDS lenses. The ALEXA XT is also equipped with the Internal Filter Module IFM-1which enables the use of in-camera filtration, reducing camera weight & limiting reflections (*Filter set not included). Additionally, the XT Plus has a special side cover with extended electronics for wireless camera control, a leveling sensor, controlled lens motor driving & lens control systems. This is a very well-equipped camera package– it even comes with spare viewfinder cables (back up cables can be a real “shoot saver” when a cable fails or gets damaged in the middle of a shoot). With the included Codex Capture Drives and AC power supply, you will be ready to go “right out of the box”– just mount your lens and you are ready to shoot! This Arri ALEXA XT Plus Camera Package comes to you with a 7 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (details below).

ARRI Codex SxS Pro/Pro+ Card Adapter for XT/XR Cameras. SxS Pro/Pro+ Card Adapter enables the use of Sony SxS Pro/Pro+ cards to record media internally on the ALEXA XT, please contact Visual Products for details on purchasing.

What is the difference between an Alexa 4:3 PLUS camera with an XR Module upgrade and a factory Alexa XT camera?

With multiple versions & upgrades available for Arri ALEXA cameras, it can be difficult to know what features are available with each camera iteration. To begin, the ARRI Xtended Recording (XR) Module, which comes standard on all ALEXA XTs, can replace the ALEXA Classic camera’s existing SxS recording module, enabling the ability to record in ARRIRAW on camera just like the ALEXA XT. ALEXA Classics with the XR Module upgrade will maintain their native 16:9 aspect ratio, unless the camera is further upgraded to the taller 4:3 sensor, which is standard in all ALEXA XTs. This 4:3 Super 35 active sensor area is ideal for anamorphic shooting in 4:3 sensor mode which is why all ALEXA XT cameras & ALEXA 4:3 Plus upgraded cameras come equipped with a bundle license featuring anamorphic de-squeeze capabilities. Although the ALEXA XT & ALEXA 4:3 Plus have the same sensor, factory ALEXA XT model cameras are the only cameras that have been developed to include ARRIRAW Open Gate mode which utilizes the full camera sensor for ARRIRAW recording. To put it simply, all ALEXA cameras with the upgraded XR module are capable of recording on- camera ARRIRAW. ALEXA 4:3 Plus cameras are capable of 4:3 sensor mode. However, only factory ALEXA XT cameras able to shoot in full Open Gate mode. Some sellers will list an Alexa 4:3 XR-upgraded Alexa as an XT camera, and while an XR-upgraded Alexa 4:3 camera does have many of the capabilities of a factory XT camera, only a factory Alexa XT camera has Open Gate shooting capability.


What makes an ALEXA XT, an ALEXA XT Plus?

An upgraded version of the original ALEXA XT, the XT Plus has a special side cover with extended electronics for additional camera functions. Features include a built in radio system for wireless remote control of lens & camera, Lens Data System (LDS) for reading lens data from LDS lenses, & Lens Data Archive for achieving LDS functionality with non-LDS lenses.  Along with three Controlled Lens Motor (CLM) ports for driving CLMs & two Lens Control System (LCS) ports for connecting various LCS hand units, the XT Plus has a third RS socket & fourth MON OUT output. The XT Plus also includes a level sensor for determining camera roll/tilt in degrees & an additional button labeled WRS (Wireless Remote System) for adjusting all settings related the Plus module.


This Arri ALEXA XT Plus Camera Package comes to you with a 2-WEEK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The buyer will be able to receive the camera and confirm its condition. If the camera is found to not be as described, it can be returned for a refund upon return to Visual Products in as-shipped condition and with no more than 10 additional operating hours.


- Arri ALEXA XT Plus Camera Body K1.71310.0 - *5029 Operating Hours!*
- Arri PL Mount
- Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1 K2.72008.0
- Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-2 K2.72042.0
- Viewfinder Cable Short 1.2' K2.72012.0
- Viewfinder Cable Medium 2.1' K2.72013.0
- Viewfinder Cable Long 6.6' K2.72014.0
- 12v Accessory Cable, Coiled K2.72031.0
- Centre Camera Handle CCH-1 K2.72007.0
- Handle Extension Block HEB-2 K2.72015.0
- Bridge Plate BP-12 K2.72004.0
- Bottom Dovetail Plate
- Leveling Block LB-1 K2.72017.0
- Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-2 K2.66172.0
- Wedge Plate Adapter WA-1 K2.72002.0
- Shoulder Pad K2.72005.0
- Battery Adapter Back for V-Mount BAB-V K2.72010.0
- SD Card
- Camera Aerial
- (2) Codex 512gb Capture Drives CDX-3730
- Codex Capture Drive Dock CDX-7513
- 12v Codex Power Adapter
- 2-Prong Power Cable
- Thunderbolt 2 Cable
- 24v Power Cable
- AC Power Supply
- Universal Power Cable
- Fitted Shipping Case

Please contact Visual Products for details on purchasing!

- Codex SxS Pro/Pro+ Card Adapter for XT/XR Cameras CDX-3790
- Sony SxS Pro 64gb Card(s)

- Wireless Compact Unit WCU-3 K2.65155.W
- (2) Controlled Lens Motor CLM-3 K2.0036842
- (2) CLM-3 Motor Cable K2.65145.0
- (2) CLM-3 15mm Insert Set K2.0002077