MovieBird MB24 Telescopic Crane





Why rent a telescopic crane when you can OWN A TELESCOPIC CRANE?!

Visual Products is offering a MovieBird 24 (MB24) for purchase. The revolutionary telescoping arm of this MB24 enables the user to get spectacular moving shots. Telescopic cranes not only provide dynamic camera movement, they give the user the ability to quickly position the camera anywhere within the reach of the telescoping arm. For a long time, telescopic cranes remained accesible to only high-end productions. Now, Visual Products puts these innovative telescoping cranes within the grasp of your production’s budget. The MB24 is the next generation of telescoping crane with a state-of-the-art patented safety belt transmission. It has all the attributes & additional features of the MB17, including an identical dolly footprint, but is 7 feet (2,1m) longer in telescopic reach. This is a very complete, working package that includes a FREEFLY MoVi Pro gimbal stabilizer head. Call Visual Products for more details on this Moviebird 24 package!!


Watch a MovieBird telescoping crane in action:

CLICK HERE to download a PDF file detailing all of the MovieBird 24 specifications.


- Moviebird 24 Telescopic Crane
- Leveling Head
- Long Rear Handle
- Transversal Handle for Operator Grip
- Cable Joystick
- (40) Counterweight 500mm
- Counterweight 375mm
- Counterweight 250mm
- (2) Counterweight 140mm
- (2) Counterweight 70mm
- (2) Counterweight 35mm
- (10) Circular Weight 4kg
- (4) Weight Trolley
- Black Magic Mini SDI Distribution Converter
- (2) Datavideo 7" Monitor with Case
- (3) Telex Intercom Body Pack
- (3) Telex Headset
- Telex Intercom Power Supply
- Freefly MoVI Pro with Case
- (3) Motor F.I.Z.
- (3) Motor Cable MoVI Pro
- Power Supply Cable RED Camera to MoVI
- (2) Remote Control Cable for MoVI Pro
- (2) Lightweight Video Cable
- Lightweight Video Cable Standard to Mini
- (10) Battery for MoVI Pro
- (6) Battery Charger for MoVI Pro
- MoVI Controller
- Pilot 3 Axis F.I.Z. Controller
- Monitor Aputure V-Screen VS-3
- Case for MoVI Controller and Pilot
- MoVI 25mm Tube to Rosette Adapter
- MoVI Rosette Mount
- (3) Pop-n-Lock 15mm Quick Release
- (3) Pop-n-Lock 30mm Quick Release
- MoVI Pro Velocity Kit
- MoVI Ninja Star Adapter Plate
- CineMilled Moviebird Plate Adapter
- CineMilled Pro Ring Gimbal System
- Smallrig Lens Support Universal Lens Clamp
- Dynacore Wireless System Transmitter
- (2) Dynacore Wireless System Receiver
- Case for Dynacore Wireless System
- V-Mount Battery Charger
- (2) Dynacore V-Mount Battery
- Black Magic Design 7" Monitor with Case
- Tripod Sachtler Run 2020
- Tripod Sachtler 25 EFP 2 with Dolly (150mm Bowl) and Case
- Trolly Fixed Station MoVI and Monitor
- (4) Manfrotto 143 Magic Arm Kit and Base
- JVC DT-V20L3G 20" Monitor
- Movcam MCF-1
- Movcam 19mm Bridge Plate System
- DJI Foldable Tuning Stand