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Whether you are a filmmaker returning to 16mm film origination or a digital camera owner utilizing the “cropped sensor” feature, these lenses are becoming increasingly popular due to their compact and lightweight features. Originally designed for use with the larger Super16 frame, S16 lenses are typically known for their faster T-stops; featuring an image circle around 15-18mm in diameter.

For cinematographers working on television & film productions or documentary field work, a S16 zoom lens like the Canon 8-64mm is the perfect “one and done” lens for tight lighting budgets and time sensitive productions. If prime lenses are more your style, industry leaders like ARRI & Zeiss offer remarkably fast prime lens sets like the Arri Ultra16’s and the Zeiss Superspeeds both of which are renowned for excellent close focus & color rendition even in low light situations.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Let us help you! Here at Visual Products we have a wide variety of S16 cine lenses from all of the major brands, including but not limited to Angeniuex, ARRI, Canon, Cooke, Elite, Kinoptik, Optex, and Zeiss. With an ever-changing number of image sensor sizes and camera mounts (like Arri Standard, Bayonet, PL, C, or Micro Four Thirds), we encourage you to reach out to our sales team for any questions regarding lens compatibility.

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