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“My dailies came back today and everything is great. The BNCR behaved perfectly. It’s a great way to tackle a low budget 35mm show.”
Gary Watson
Houston, Tx.

Shipping Camera Gear
Don’t be fooled by the padding in your camera (and some lens) cases. Many cases are designed to protect a camera while it is being handled by someone who appreciates the contents of the case, not to protect the camera from an airline baggage person or freight carrier who has to handle hundreds of packages a day. To place a camera in a less than adequate shipping container is to place it in certain jeopardy.

When shipping your camera gear via airline or freight carrier it is best to add additional protection to the contents of the case. This can be in the form of bubble-wrap or packing peanuts, preferably both as this will save you from having to spend valuable time cleaning remnants of Styrofoam from the camera body and lenses once the gear has been unpacked. All individual items in the case should be wrapped separately. Secure body caps and lens caps with tape. Secure the outside latches of the cases to protect them from damage during shipment. Marking the heavy cases as such doesn’t hurt either. A special note regarding FedEx and UPS: both of these carriers will charge more for metal cases (they cause damage to the carrier’s handling equipment). You can save yourself a few dollars by placing your metal (and this includes metal-edged cases) inside cardboard boxes.


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