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VP Hyper Tap Arri SR3 HD Video Assist Hi Def


  • Works with the Arri SR3
  • HD Color Video Assist Camera w/ HD-SDI Output
  • Provides full-screen, High Definition color image on modern HD monitors-- eliminating the need for additional converter boxes/wires
  • Draws power from SR3 RS 3-pin port (Hyper Tap power 3-pin cable included)
  • Low Power Consumption and can be turned off when not in use
  • No brightness reduction in viewfinder
  • Covers Super16 frame without vignetting

  • Arri SR3 HD Video Assist -- High Definition Video Assist for the Arri SR3 Camera

    During development of the Visual Products HD-SDI Hyper Tap, we did some side-by-side comparisons with (standard-definition) video assists-- even the high-end Arri IVS units on 16SR-3 cameras (which was the best available solution just a few years ago). The results of the tests were clear: these HD-SDI units far exceeded old cameras in sharpness, color rendition, contrast, low-light capability... EVERYTHING!

    The HD video tap unit we have developed for the Arri SR3 camera is small, lightweight and simple-- not to mention priced right. This "elegant solution" approach eliminated expensive frills like programmable generated frame lines and on-screen footage counters-- costly features not necessary to going back and seeing if that mic boom really did drop in the shot.

    Check out this recent customer testimonial; "Just shot a day on the new SR3 and the Visaul Products HD tap is amazing. Rivals the taps I’ve used that Panavision has been developing for the Arri 16mm bodies. The Visual Products tap has just a bit of rolling shutter compared to the Panavision, but it’s so much smaller and more light weight it’s a worthwhile trade off."

    SR3 COMPATIBILITY: In order to install this Visual Products Hyper Tap Arri SR3 HD Video Assist on your SR3 camera, your camera needs to have the ARRI SR3 video top handle and optics elbow. If your SR3 camera is currently outfitted with a stock Arri video carry handle and optic elbow, you can simply remove your existing camera and mount the Visual Products SR3 Hyper Tap HD camera via the c-mount. Currently, our SR3 Hyper Tap HD cannot be directly swapped for a Arriflex IVS unit-- but stay tuned, because we are working on a system that will be able to be used on an SR3 equipped with an IVS system. Our HD tap is not currently able to be attached to an optic elbow that has been modified to mount a CEI video camera-- we are working on that issue as well to make our SR3 HD video tap compatible with SR3 cameras that currently have CEI taps.


    **PLEASE NOTE: When using the Teradek Bolt or other wireless video transmitters with the Visual Products HD Video Tap, make absolutely sure of proper voltage input and polarity to your video transmitter prior to connecting the SDI cable from the output of your Hyper-Tap II. If either the voltage or polarity to the Teradek Bolt transmitter (or other video transmitters) is incorrect, damage to the internal electronic components of the video tap can occur and will void repair cost coverage under the video tap's warranty.

    Item Number: 2013
    Warranty: 6 months parts & labor
    Guarantee: 7 day money back
    CALL NOW TO ORDER: 440.647.4999

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