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VP SuperPL Director's Viewfinder

Designed and manufactured by Visual Products. This director's viewfinder features the sharp, bright optics of a Moviecam extension eyepiece mated to a specially designed and manufactured PL lens mount/ground glass holder. Unlike older PL mount director's viewfinders, the viewing port in the Visual Products Super-PL Finder has been sized to match the Super 35-sized sensors in today's modern HD digital cinema cameras which means the user will get the proper angle of view for their lenses when lining up shots with this PL-Mount finder. Older viewfinders that use a normal 35mm-sized ground glass that has been marked for the S35/ HDTV format do not provide an accurate angle of view for the lens. This viewfinder uses a Mitchell ground glass. Mitchell ground glasses are more affordable than the Arri 35III ground glasses that are typically used in PL mount director's viewfinders which means that you will be able to purchase more ground glasses with different markings as your project requires. We are including a S35/HDTV/4:3 ground glass with this viewfinder (see photo). CLICK HERE to see all the different ground glass markings that are available, and contact us for pricing on additional ground glasses. There is no better pre-visualizing tool than a director's viewfinder that uses the actual lenses that will be used on the camera. You will see the exact angle of view that the camera will see as well as be able to judge the depth of field for every T-stop.

Item Number: 1674
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Warranty: 6 months parts & labor
Guarantee: 7 day money back
CALL NOW TO ORDER: 440.647.4999

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