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“The conversion to Super 16 and the overhaul [on my CP16] seem to be done with outstanding workmanship. I'm especially impressed with how quiet the camera now runs. I didn't think a CP could be that quiet.”
Chris Benker
New York, New York

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Mole Richardson Snoot Set
A snoot is used to more accurately control light sources. The use of a snoot will result in a small circle of light when attached to the front of a light source. The size of the circle coincides with the size of the snoot's opening. These snoots were made to fit Mole Richardson Lights that utilize 5-inch barn door accessories-- Midget, Tweenie, Betweenie, etc.

Item Number: 1501
Warranty: 6 months parts & labor
Guarantee: 7 day money back
CALL NOW TO ORDER: 440.647.4999

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