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Angeniuex Optimo 28-340mm T3.2 Zoom Lens

Beautiful Condition Optimo lens. Purchased new, an Optimo 28-340mm lens costs nearly $77,000. With all the accessories included in this lens package, the cost to purchase this lens package new was nearly $80,000!!


  • (1) Angenieux 28-340mm T3.2 Zoom Lens (S35)
  • (1) Carry Handle
  • (1) GFM Long Dovetail
  • (1) Dovetail Lens Support Bracket
  • (2) Carbon Fiber Lens Rods
  • (1) Lens Rods Support Bracket
  • (1) Rain Cover
  • (1) Fitted Shipping Case

  • Interchangeable Rear Optical Assembly:
    The Optimo 28-340mm is designed with swappable rear optical elements so you can easily convert the lens from covering Super 35 to full-frame/VistaVision. This design has many advantages over adding additional optical elements such as 1.4x and 2x extenders, as swapping the rear assembly allows the lens to maintain the same physical size and minimum operating distance while losing only slightly more than a stop when going from Super 35 to full-frame coverage. Additionally, as the optics are designed to be part of the lens and not just additional elements that blow up the image resolved by the lens, they match the optical quality of the lens and your image does not suffer from having to go through additional glass/air surfaces, which can degrade your image.

    Item Number: 2011

    Guarantee: 7 day money back
    CALL NOW TO ORDER: 440.647.4999

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